6 Valentine's Day Gifts That Aren't Rip Offs January 24 2017

A lame card, some overpriced flowers, and some generic chocolates are going to be forgotten. An ex probably got it for him/her before, do you want them to think of the ex during VDay? And then they eat it and it’s all gone forever, literally flushed down the toilet.

That generic VDay junk just screams “ok I thought of you briefly while waiting in line at Walgreen’s.” So here are a few other things that last forever (well at least as long as the relationship or friendship does):

1. Your Side My Side Pillow Cases
You know what’s even better than a gift for your partner? One you can both use! Practical and real…too real.

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2. Fork Me, Spoon Me Utensils
Handmade forks and spoons with a not so subtle message.

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3. Shawty U Fine Teddy Bear
Can't find the right words? Let Hollabears do it for you.

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4. Do this (add it to Hollabear for double gifting action!):

5. Lat & Lo Bar Necklace
Not really that funny, but it’s a pretty cool idea and not too expensive. Put coordinates of where you met onto a necklace.

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6. USB Heart Necklace
Who says you can't be sexy and practical? Extra points for stealthy storage of pics of...whatever you want.

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