6 Valentine's Day Gifts That Aren't Rip Offs January 24 2017

A lame card, some overpriced flowers, and some generic chocolates are going to be forgotten. An ex probably got it for him/her before, do you want them to think of the ex during VDay? And then they eat it and it’s all gone forever, literally flushed down the toilet. That generic VDay junk just screams “ok I thought of you briefly while waiting in line at Walgreen’s.” So here are a few other things...

New Bears! January 22 2017

So you may have noticed a few shiny new additions to the front page...I've been working hard on designing the new Cholo, Hobo, and Hipster bears and am quite proud of how well the details came out.They are in stock and shipping right now! Tim

New bears coming soon! November 18 2014

Several variants of the 10" bear to match exactly how you feel, many more of the 16" Shawty bear, and they will all be here well before Christmas or Hanakkuh or Kwanzaa! As usual, please visit my Facebook page or Instagram and let me know what you would like to see on the next Hollabear!

A History of the Word "Shorty" or "Shawty" July 17 2014

I found this article to be entertaining and informative of the word "Shawty" as in "Shawty U Fine As Shit Tho."A lot of the songs listed really bring me back.The Etymology of Shorty in Hip Hop

Want a free bear? June 08 2014

So I have a room full of these bears ready to go! Now that they're finally here, I want to start spreading the love and sending some free ones out. Check out the contest post on the Hollabears Facebook page to like and share it in order to be entered in a drawing for a free bear of your choice! I'll announce a winner on 6/22!

Bears for Bitcoins June 08 2014

I just figured out how to take Bitcoins as payment! We all hope that someday they can get back on track to the moon, but for now, why not turn that crypto dough into a gift for a ho*?   *Disclaimer: I'm not calling anyone a ho, I just needed to think of something that rhymed.

Launch! June 07 2014

Hollabears is getting ready to ship this week! Many of you expressed interest over the past few months and have been wondering what I've been up to. I have to thank you all for your patience while I have been redesigning the bear to be cuter, softer, and overall made with much higher quality materials. I think you and whoever you're giving one to will be quite happy with it....