Hobo Bear: Got Any Spare Hugs?

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He's not begging for change, weed, or even some water. All he's looking for is a hug and a new home, and he'll forget about his scars, his tattered clothes, and the hardships he's endured to get to your doorstep.

Please give the little homeless bear a place to stay! Whoever could say no to his enduring smile is just heartless.


Unique material for old-school look and feel
Beanie taken from a TV character from back in the day
Facial scars that tell a story of a tragic life (that you make up)
Oversized pants held up by rope
Realistic begging sign

If I may be serious for a minute on this page:

As a longtime resident of both Oakland and Los Angeles, I realize that while homelessness is a fact of life and everybody co-exists in a small space, the extent of the homelessness issue may not readily apparent outside of urban areas.

Fear often prevails during interactions with the homeless. The goal of the Hobo Bear is to bring awareness to the situation, remove the stigma and remind the more fortunate that everybody is human. Whether you have personally had a negative or positive experience, please remember that one occurrence or one person does not represent a whole.

Please also consult PATH (People Assisting the Homeless) and see if you can spare some time to volunteer and learn about how you can help beyond donating. If you are unable to help financially or volunteer your time, remember it only takes a second to listen, smile, or say hello. Show the same respect as you would anyone else.

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